Vibrantly Alive Sherry Morris-Dufault

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself it is About CREATING Yourself!

Sherry Morris-Dufault loves helping women live life to the fullest, designing what gives them fulfillment and creates success. Sherry offers success coaching to achieve success on your terms and live a life designed for what is personally important. That life may be increased business effectiveness and revenue; it may be finding the energy, health and confidence to make life fun; it may be learning new skills to do more in less time. No matter what the need, it is all about working with women so they feel  VIBRANTLY ALIVE!

Heart Coaching


Ready to live more abundantly? Sherry has over 30 years’ proven experience guiding clients to success.

Get clear, intentional, and unleash the power of a success mindset. Learn power steps, identify, and release self-defeating blocks, and build your business from a place of high vibrational energy recognizing your worth so you attract more clients, increase your income, and make a greater impact.

Let’s get started!



Raise the roof on your revenue ceiling! Join Sherry for incredible opportunities to upgrade your mindset, your systems, your confidence, and your actions to catapult revenue.

Learn steps to increase your income, tools to create lasting success, and the mindset to stay motivated.

Sherry also loves providing training specific to your or your teams’ needs. With a strong background in corporate change, sales of both products and service and group motivation please contact Sherry directly to discuss how she can serve.

wellness proaging


Living Vibrantly Alive with abundant energy and a sense of well-being is a gift you can give yourself!

Forget anti-aging, let’s be pro-aging and work to be vibrant and happy as we celebrate each year. Why not, with innovative, evidence-based strategies, a vibrantly alive mindset, and self-care have a life you enjoy? Why not do all you can to restore, maintain, and optimize health, vitality, and well-being?

Live your life Vibrantly Alive. Realize your dreams. Enjoy every moment.